We are proud to be a Casio dealer! Popularly known for their keyboards, Casio also produces a variety of electronics including phones, cameras, clocks and watches.

Who is Casio?

Since 1980, Casio has been producing electronic musical instruments including portable keyboards, digital pianos and synthesizers for players of all skill levels.

Each keyboard is designed to provide portability, reliability and value right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a professional musician or just beginning your journey, we can help you find the perfect Casio keyboard!

Keyboards for Everyone

At DuBaldo Music, we offer affordable and reliable Casio keyboards at competitive prices, starting at only $55. Casio’s portable keyboards are great for beginners interested in learning the basic mechanics of playing the piano but are not yet ready to make a full commitment. Portable keyboards are also ideal for students who need to practice at home without requiring a full-sized, 88-key piano.

We also offer Casio’s Privia Series. These digital pianos are perfect for musicians looking for the feel and response of a real piano without sacrificing precious floor space in the home. 88 full-sized keys and a true scaled hammered action, you can expect a quality sound and stylish design that requires virtually no maintenance or seasonal retuning.

Some products can be customized! Ask our staff at DuBaldo Music for color and style options to show off your personality.

Casio for Education

We are dedicated to helping young musicians and students accomplish their goals. Casio keyboards can help students needing to practice their skills at home without requiring a full-sized piano. Every model is designed with learning in mind, incorporating quality, innovative features for both music educators and students to enjoy. 

Whether you’re looking start jamming on your own or alongside other musicians, get your Casio keyboard at DuBaldo Music today!


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