Mandolins and Banjos

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Considering a Mandolin or Banjo?

Looking for a higher-pitched stringed instrument? Part of the lute family, Mandolins and Banjos can be a great addition to your bluegrass or jazz music groups. These instruments are comfortable to play and while banjos typically feature four to five strings, Mandolins have 8 strings, 4 matched pairs.  

The mandolin may be the versatile instrument you’re looking for to get a truly unique sound. By plucking the paired strings, you can produce a rich and broad sound and strumming them can help you achieve that popular mandolin tremolo sound. Although popular with country and bluegrass music, the mandolin can contribute to any genre of music you prefer. 

With its light strings and round body, the banjo is an easy and fun instrument to learn. By adjusting your hand position and playing technique, the banjo can produce a variety of different sounds from percussive to melodical. The thin, sensitive strings resonate in combination with a tightened skin similar to that of a drumhead to give a unique “popping” and “happy” sound.

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