Acoustic Guitars

Considering an Acoustic Guitar?

It takes more than just strings for an acoustic guitar to produce its mesmerizing sound. This fretted instrument uses the vibrations created by strumming the strings to produce the initial sound. However, it’s the special bracing on the underside of the top of the guitar in combination with the hollow body that allows the guitar to push the sound through the air for all to hear!

Acoustic guitars were the preferred instrument for some of the most talented artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Keaggy, Bob Dylan and Chet Atkins. Besides the great sound, there are many reasons to choose to play the acoustic guitar. This instrument is versatile and easy to use. An acoustic guitar doesn’t require additional wires or amps to create your desired sound. Because of this, in addition to being lightweight and easy to transport, this instrument can easily be played both indoors and outdoors!

With a variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from at DuBaldo Music Center, there is an acoustic guitar for everyone. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or express your inner creativity, shop our collection of acoustic guitars today.