For over a decade, DuBaldo Music has been a part of the Jupiter Music community. Since 1980, Jupiter has supported music education and community all over the world. As one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world, Jupiter has been a go-to for students and educators aspiring to find their perfect sound.

Started by the KHS Musical Instrument Company, Jupiter is known for selecting the finest materials to ensure each musician receives high quality and reliable instruments. Every instrument is consistently manufactured in their state-of-the-art factories by an experienced team. Whether you’re in need of a flute, trumpet, trombone or an alto sax, we carry a variety of Jupiter instruments at competitive prices.

Jupiter and Education

Jupiter guarantees quality construction and sound to last all the way through high school! With the 10-year warranty included with each instrument, you can enjoy long-term reliability, free of defects. At DuBaldo Music, we are proud to provide the Jupiter instruments requested by some of the top music educators in our area.

We also offer the student level Jupiter instruments both for sale and through our rent-to-own program, making them even more affordable!

Why Choose Jupiter?

Learning to play an instrument is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite sounds while also improving memory, attention and concentration! Visit us at DuBaldo Music, where we offer a range of Jupiter instruments that can suit the beginner, intermediate or most advanced player. The brand is dedicated to serving the needs of students and educators everywhere. Whether you’re looking to learn to play the brassy sound of the trombone or the rich notes of the clarinet, DuBaldo can provide you with the perfect Jupiter instrument for your needs.

Are you ready to find your sound? Start building your skills and shop our collection of Jupiter instruments at DuBaldo Music Center or contact us to learn more!


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