DuBaldo Music Center shall be referred to as DMC, and the Renter shall be referred to as Renter.

  1. This is a rent-to-own contract and title and ownership of the instrument shall remain with DMC until the contract is paid in full.
  2. Introductory Offer – this shall apply only to students renting student-level instruments.
  3. Rental Purchase Option – the Renter may exercise an early payoff option at any point prior to the final year of payments. The early purchase price is the retail price less all rental payments and then subtract 30% from this balance.
  4. Return of instrument – the Renter may return the instrument, in good condition, to DMC at any time and if the rental payments are current, then the contract is voided and the Renter owes nothing. If there are past due payments the Renter is liable for payment and any applicable late fees. Instrument rentals are not pro-rated and no refunds shall be given for instruments returned prior to the end of the rental period.
  5. Late Fees – DMC retains ownership of the instrument until the contract is paid in full. The Renter authorizes DMC to pick up the instrument at school or any mutually agreed location when payments are past due. The Renter authorizes DMC to charge their credit card for past due payments (10 days after the due date) and late fees if payments become past due. Late fees are $5 per month or the maximum allowed by State of Connecticut. Renter will pay a $25 fee for any bounced checks or bounced or declined credit card payments.
  6. Past due payments – if the Renter goes past due on rental payments, the Renter forfeits any equity in the instrument and forfeits the Maintenance coverage. When the past due rental account is brought current then the Renter regains the equity and Maintenance coverage.
  7. Loss or Extra-Ordinary Damage – Renter is responsible for payment for the instrument in the event that the instrument is lost or extra ordinarily damaged, including willful conduct. If the instrument is returned the Renter is responsible to bring back the instrument in good condition.
  8. The Renter does not own this instrument until all rental payments are paid or the early purchase option is paid. The Renter does not have the right to keep this property unless rental payments are current.
  9. Delinquent accounts over 30 days – Renter is responsible to pay DMC for (i) all past due rental payments and other charges, (ii) the retail value of the instrument if not returned and if lost or damaged, (iii) all late fees, (iv) all costs of suit, plus (if) attorney’s fees or collection agency fees of up to 30% of all such sums, plus (v) interest on all such amounts @ 1.5% per month both before and after judgment.

Maintenance Coverage

Loss – if the instrument is lost the Renter will receive an instrument of equal value when the proof of loss (police or insurance report) is received.
Damage – DMC will repair a damaged instrument that is not damaged as a result of gross negligence, willful conduct, or purposely damaging the instrument.
Repair – DMC will perform normal and ordinary repairs as required for proper use of the instrument.
Loaner – when available, DMC will provide Renter with a Loaner instrument while their instrument is being repaired.

Rental payments must be current to keep Maintenance coverage in effect.

Wearable and disposable items such as strings, reeds, cleaning swabs, and lubricating oils are not covered under maintenance and are the responsibility of the Renter.

Monthly Rent-to-rent rates are as follows, and include Maintenance and CT Sales Tax
Group A
$33.23/month ($26.25 base rent, $4.99 maintenance, $1.99 tax)
Group B $59.56/month ($50.00 base rent, $6.00 maintenance, $3.56 tax)
Group C $77.64/month (when available) ($65.00 base rent, $8.00 maintenance $4.28 tax)

Maintenance rates are as follows, and are automatically included with all instrument rentals unless otherwise noted:
Group A
$5.00/month, Group B $6.00/month, Group C $8.00/month
For Yamaha brand instruments in our “Rent-to-own” program during the 2024-2025 school year we are providing standard maintenance at no additional charge.

The School-Year Lease discounted rate is calculated as a 6-month rental rate and the group rates are as follows:
Group A
$157.50 + $30.00 Maint + $11.91 Tax = $199.41
Group B $300.00 + $36.00 Maint + $21.34 Tax = $357.34
Group C $328.12 + $48.00 Maint + $23.88 Tax = $400.00

Statement Of Value

The retail price of instruments offered for Rental are as follows, and do not include maintenance or sales tax unless otherwise noted:

Alto Sax $2557.03
Baritone Horn $3029.90
Cello $1640.60
Clarinet $1294.87
Flute $1241.72
French Horn $2853.50
Percussion/Bell Kit $577.50
Snare & Bell Combo Kit $787.50
Snare Drum Kit $525.00
Tenor Sax $3635.00
Trombone $1798.89
Trumpet $1647.93
Viola $892.50
Violin $892.50


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