DuBaldo Music and Beller’s Music were proud to welcome Guthrie Govan to Manchester to lead a free guitar clinic with us! He is best known for his work with bands like The Aristocrats, Asia, GPS, The Young Punx and The Fellowship. 

As if he needed more lauded praises from other guitarists, Joe Satriani has also lumped in his praises for Guthrie, “What sets Guthrie apart is that no matter what he’s doing—picking, tapping, slapping, playing legato, whatever—he mixes everything up gracefully and absolutely nails each approach. And all the while the music sounds natural.”

Govan is known for his versatility and technique and has established himself as a superior guitar player. Typically, he likes to take influences and ideas from different instruments other than guitar, in order to broaden his scope of play and tonal ranges. Listening and watching Guthrie is like being totally immersed in liquid music; his subtle techniques weave through whichever style of music he happens to be playing.


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