What Does a Guitar Amplifier Do?

Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced guitar player, the amplifier is an important part of creating your sound. While shopping around, learn how guitar amplifiers work, what they do and their key features. How a Guitar Amplifier Works Electric and acoustic-electric guitars are equipped with a pickup. The amplifier takes the signal, sends it through…

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When Should You Buy a 6-String Bass?

The electric bass evolved from the upright version, keeping the same string names, range and intervals but with a more portable form for jazz and rock playing. On the other hand, the bass has proven to be more than just a rhythm instrument. Advances in design, including five and six-string electric basses and the Bass…

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Solid-Body vs. Hollow-Body Electric Guitars

Whether you’re searching for your first electric guitar or considering an upgrade, you have two general choices. A solid-body guitar, which is typically considered more rock and blues-oriented, or a hollow-body, seen most frequently in jazz music. The hybrid semi-hollow body acts as a midpoint between these two. Based on your style of playing and…

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