Benefits of Music Lessons

Mastering a new skill can be challenging. If you or your child are interested in learning to play an instrument, music lessons can help keep you motivated and on the track to success. Turn to the experts at DuBaldo Music Center! Our experienced and friendly teachers can help you reach your goals. Here are a…

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The Anatomy of Drums

Do you play the drums or are interested in learning? Whether you have years of experience or none at all, drumming is known to have a positive impact on our lives. Expressing yourself through music can ease anxiety! Before starting to play, you should familiarize yourself with the different pieces comprising a drum set. Here…

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How the Brain Reacts to Music

Over the years, research has shown how much music can affect us on emotional and physical levels. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and body pain. It can also improve sleep quality, mood, alertness and memory! Do you ever wonder what happens in your head while listening to your favorite song? There are…

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Music Lesson Myths

Many people dream of playing an instrument successfully. Perhaps while listening to your favorite band on the radio or catch a live concert, you feel inspired to try. If you have a love for music and want to learn to play an instrument, music lessons might be your next step!  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions…

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Motivation Strategies to Practice Music

Practice makes perfect! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, regularly playing your instrument is important to become a better musician. However, finding the motivation to sit down and play can sometimes be difficult. Here are a few strategies to help you!  Start a Routine A practice schedule is one easy way to set aside time to play. If you don’t feel like practicing one…

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3 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Instrument

Congratulations! You’ve decided to begin your musical journey and develop a new skill set. Yet, you may not know which instrument will be the right fit for you. In this case, renting has many advantages. It’s an easy and affordable way to get started playing music, without committing to the purchase of an instrument. Although…

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