Over the years, research has shown how much music can affect us on emotional and physical levels. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and body pain. It can also improve sleep quality, mood, alertness and memory!

Do you ever wonder what happens in your head while listening to your favorite song? There are many different parts of our brain that control how we feel and think. Learn how music can impact a few of these important components. 

Temporal Lobe

The temporal lobe helps us process auditory information. In other words, it enables us to understand what we hear! While listening to our favorite music, the temporal lobe works to comprehend the lyrics. 

This part of the brain remains active, even when a song does not have lyrics! The temporal lobe works with the Wernicke’s and Broca’s areas of our brain to help understand and analyze what we hear. 


Found deep in the brain, this small region in the brain is responsible for our fight or flight instinct. The amygdala plays a big role in processing memories and emotions, helping us activate appropriate behavioral responses to certain things, including music. 

Has a song ever given you goosebumps or sent a chill down your spine? That’s your amygdala at work! 


Found near our brainstem, the cerebellum is responsible for many motor skills including coordination, balance and forming specific movements. While listening to music, you might tap your foot or sway along to the music – this is the response of your cerebellum! 

When learning to play an instrument, the muscle memory is stored in your cerebellum so you remember how to play, even after taking some time off. 


The hypothalamus is heavily involved in the production and release of hormones and chemicals in our bodies. It regulates mood, sleep, heart rate and much more. When listening to our favorite music, this part of the brain becomes stimulated and can reduce stress, blood pressure and symptoms of depression.

Music therapy is a great way to address someone’s physical, emotional and cognitive needs. Looking to play a new instrument? Buy or rent from DuBaldo Music Center today!


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